Luvanex provides services for residential or commercial building projects in the following states:
Lagos, Ogun, Osun, Oyo, Ondo, Ekiti, Abuja, Jos, Kwara, Kogi, Rivers, Akwa Ibom,
Cross River, Bayelsa, Delta, Edo, Abia, Anambra, Ebonyi, Enugu & Imo States.

We believe that successful project management is driven by proactive decision-making during the early stages of planning which translates to implementation and right down to completion. Our pride and joy is seeing you, our most esteemed clients, begin a project with us from initiation up until completion

From minimal houses in estate developments to high-rise apartments, Luvanex Builds does it all. We meticulously develop building budgets with you and continuously review expenditures in an effort to achieve the most efficient use of your resources. We do all these while supplying you with detailed and well documented progress reports on each stage and phase until the project is completed. Our aim is to deliver on quality, on schedule, and within budget to achieve the outstanding results you seek.
Service Plan 1
Project Monitoring

Our most popular service at Luvanex is our project monitoring service plan.

Under this plan we have 4 unique options available depending on the nature of your project as well as the timing and location.

A number of factors does play into what may be the most appropriate plan for you, the customer – however, any of our options under our project monitoring service plans will serve you well.

We have trained photographers & videographers to monitor and keep track of developments on any of your building projects.
Service Plan 2
Project Management &
Construction Services

Our project management services is our full spectrum service where Luvanex becomes the glue that keeps your entire building project in line; ensuring each phase of building is conducted and transitioned smoothly without delays or hiccups in budget and building plans.

Our well experienced project managers oversee daily and weekly site operations and report back to you. Luvanex has power of attorney to act on your behalf, and this allows us to take on negotiations and deliberations in your best interest, while ensuring that the project is done just as you would have directed it to be done if present.

We do this while keeping close contact and reporting directly to you each and every step of the way.
Service Plan 3
Buying, Selling or Leasing
Real Estate

This service pertains to nonresident Nigerians who wish to buy a house without going through the hassle of building. It’s also a service for nonresident Nigerians who live abroad and just want to sell or offload their current properties.

Finally this service may also be purchased to help our clients lease out houses they have purchased or built using our help.

Luvanex does act as a brokerage agency and our fee is 10% of the property’s value or 10% of the transaction value.  This is calculated at the point of sale and services have to be engaged by signing a 1year contract. A dedicated Realtor is then assigned to each client once our services have been contracted.
Service Plan 4
Sourcing of Building Materials,
Electronics and Hardware

Sourcing of Building Materials, Electronics, Hardware (like doors & windows) or Furniture.

There is a 5 item minimum per custom order
this entails the direct sourcing of building materials from China, U.K or U.S. Service fee entails overseeing the customization of orders, order management up to the delivery to the site.

This fee excludes the costs of the actual materials as well as the cost of logistics in transporting to site.

In Summary, we become your “eyes and ears” on ground and facilitate smooth building projects up until completion. Thus, on-site representation to make sure that construction proceeds as well as contractors are on time and within budget is of utmost importance to us.

We aim to effectively communicate with the project participants, monitor the work and progress, facilitate coordination, provide project documentation, and follow up on details and issues until they are resolved satisfactorily. Luvanex provides guidance throughout the lifecycle of the project, and we make protecting your interests our top priority at all times.

Our Mission:
Leveraging our extensive knowledge, resources
and skills in helping nonresident Nigerians,
monitor and achieve their real estate development projects back home.

Our Vision:
To become the preferred provider of project management services in the residential & commercial real estate development sectors in Africa.
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