Referral Marketing Guide

Welcome to Luvanex Builds Referral Program. This document is to enable you to understand the process of affiliate marketing with us and secure your target development.
The document is segmented into 3 parts.

  1. Registration as an Affiliate Marketer/ Agent.
  2. On-boarding of Client prospects/ securing your commission.
  3. Terms and Conditions of Engagement.

Registration as an Affiliate Marketer/ Agent

  • Sequel to the form you filled on our website, a unique code will be forwarded to your email.
  • This code will be your advisory code for any referral client you are introducing to Luvanex Builds.

  • On-boarding of Client prospects, to enable you to secure your commission immediately after acquiring your referral client for Luvanex builds services, you will need to do the following:

  • To assist the client with the registration process of their details on our website and share your code with the client.
  • Luvanex Builds will contact the client based on information supplied to establish a relationship.
  • When a Client takes up one or more of our subscription packages, a flat rate commission is applied on each package subscribed on behalf of the client.
  • The commission is paid into your advised account immediately after subscription payment has been received from the client.

  • Terms and Conditions of Engagement

    Given to the partnership between you and Luvanex Builds, we would like to clarify the following operational conditions:

  • All client referrals to be registered with Luvanex Builds must have a working contact phone number and email.
  • Clients must have a legitimate source of funding for their project and subscription with Luvanex Builds.
  • An affiliate marketer is entitled to 10% of the value of each subscription package successfully sold to the referred client.
  • The payment of commission is subject to the flat rates applicable to each subscription package. The commission is subject to receipt of subscription payment from the client with agent referral code.
  • Payment of commission will be made within 5 business days upon receipt of the subscription fee from the client with the affiliate agent’s referral code.
  • Affiliate agents are open to referring as many clients to enable them to meet and surpass the ₦50,000 weekly target commission.

  • Once again we welcome you to Luvanex builds and we are available for further clarification if required. Please view our project Monitoring Packages.