Created in 2007, Luvanex Group is a One Stop Shop For Real Estate Investors
We serve clients from Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, England, Switzerland, Colombia, Jamaica, the U.S and a few other countries.
Luvanex Group was founded in February 2007 in Atlanta, Georgia as a one stop for Real Estate Investors. In January 2017 we opened operations in Charlotte, North Carolina
and established our headquarters in the fast growing economy known as the Queen City. Our operations now span 2 states: Atlanta, Georgia & Charlotte, North Carolina
with expansion plans into South Carolina in the first quarter of 2019.

Our niche is in helping international investors build and expand their portfolio in the 2 states we operate in.
The scope of our services are tailored to match each investor as it relates to their short & long term investment goals.

The Inception of Luvanex Builds

The idea for Luvanex Builds first came up in May 2017 when our management team at Luvanex Group realized that most of our U.S based Nigerian clients all had one thing
in common - they were all building back home. 90% of these clients also had a singular complaint; the sad fact that they sent funds back home to relatives and friends to help
them build or at the very least oversee the building projects they had embarked on. Upon taking impromptu trips back home to check out the progress of their building
projects they realized funds had been siphoned elsewhere and their projects had been abandoned to starve. This had caused the death of many friendships and relationships,
as there was clearly a breach of trust on one end.

We began to proffer solutions to protect our most valuable clients. We pondered on several questions. Could we stand in the gap and offer the accountability services
lacking in Nigeria? What checks and balance measures could we put in place to protect our clients? And how do we go about executing them given the Nigerian factor.

After a series of conversations and delegations we began to assemble a power packed team of players to help deliver an unequivocal service.
Our team of lawyers, architects, engineers, project managers and property managers bring a combined value of over 100 years in the real estate industry to the table.
We channel this knowledge, expertise and time into working hard to deliver the results our clients want to see.


Why build through Luvanex?

The solution we offer is peace of mind.We put you, the customer in control every step of the way. We act as your eyes
and ears on ground while you work hard and make a honest living abroad, in order to get the funding needed for your
building project in Nigeria.

Thank you for reading our story. Now help us understand how we may serve you.
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Our Mission:
Leveraging our extensive knowledge, resources
and skills in helping nonresident Nigerians,
monitor and achieve their real estate development projects back home.

Our Vision:
To become the preferred provider of project management services in the residential & commercial real estate development sectors in Africa.
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