There are 2 separate services listed on here however, only the first two service options (project monitoring and project management services) may be paid for on this page.
Services have been broken down into categories for ease of comprehension.

Each category has a price tag and you may choose one or more options before paying for the corresponding service being requested. Service options 2, 3 and 4 cannot be paid for online, due to the wide scope of possibilities under these services. Please call one of our local numbers to get further instructions on how to transfer funds and make service payments under these other three services (service 2, 3 and 4).

Once payment has been made for any option under service 1(Project Management Service), you may then proceed to the next page to submit the necessary details. This is vital as it helps us match your payment with your Service Option. If you have any questions while going through this page, please do not hesitate to
call us on Line 1: +234 701 636 7715 or Line 2: +234 701 547 6994 so that a company representative may walk you through the process.

Service 1

Our most popular service at Luvanex is our project monitoring service plan. Under this plan we have 4 unique options available depending on the nature of your project as well as the timing and location. A number of factors does play into what may be the most appropriate plan for you, the customer, however, any of our options under our project monitoring service plans will serve you well.

We have trained photographers & videographers to monitor and keep track of developments on any of your building projects.

Plan Option A

The ability to see the progress on your building projects through the aid of still photography or video 2-4 times a month depending on your preference and needs. (refer to payment page for pricing)

Plan Option B

Plan Option C

Currently only available in Lagos & Abuja only
Covers 10 drone video movie clips
(each 5minutes long) during the entire
duration of the building project.

Plan Option D

Via facetime , whatsapp or skype
Covers an hour session for each site visit.
Does not include pictures and videos
(can be added and paid for as extra services)

  Service 2

Our project management services is our full spectrum service where Luvanex becomes the glue that keeps your entire building project in line; ensuring each phase of building is conducted and transitioned smoothly without delays or hiccups in budget and building plans. Our well experienced project managers oversee daily and weekly site operations and report back to you.

Luvanex has power of attorney to act on your behalf, and this allows us to take on negotiations and deliberations in your best interest, while ensuring that the project is done just as you would have directed it to be done if present. We do this while keeping close contact and reporting directly to you each and every step of the way.

*Coming Soon*

This is our most comprehensive management service and it covers:
- Planning & Budgeting
- Negotiations &  Funds Disbursement
- Daily Supervision & Ongoing Weekly Reporting

Here Luvanex takes on the position of a builder to ensure that budgets are prudently vetted and that building timelines are met. In summary, Luvanex builds your entire custom home from start to finish.

The ultimate goal is to authorize the disbursement of funds for the next phase of building only after satisfactory completion of the prior phase.. Ensuring a smooth transition requires funds be made available at the completion of each phase which our project managers at have signed off on. Under this plan, there is no middle-man and Luvanex’ representatives report to you directly to avoid misunderstandings or conflicts.  

*This option may be picked independently under this service plan for a 10% fee and payment is broken down into 4 phases of building. This is due at the onset of each phase. Payment is to be made via interbank transfer to our account at Diamond Bank.

  Service 3

This service pertains to nonresident Nigerians who wish to buy a house without going through the hassle of building. It’s also a service for nonresident Nigerians who live abroad and just want to sell or offload their current properties. Finally this service may also be purchased to help our clients lease out houses they have purchased or built using our help. Luvanex does act as a brokerage agency and our fee is 10% of the property’s value or 10% of the transaction value.  This is calculated at the point of sale and services have to be engaged by signing a 1year contract. A dedicated Realtor is then assigned to each client once our services have been contracted.

Service fee for this plan is due before the property sale or transaction is final and funds are to be wired to Luvanex’s operating accounts at Diamond Bank.
Details to be provided via email

Service 4

Cancellation Policy

Due to the inconvenience that may have been caused from loss of business (scheduling conflicts with prospective clients whom we have had to decline service
to after we fit your building projects into our schedule), Luvanex will only refund up to 50% of your payment for unused services as it relates to project monitoring and up to seven days before services are rendered.
If a service has been scheduled and provided, it will be too late to cancel.

Our Mission:
Leveraging our extensive knowledge, resources
and skills in helping nonresident Nigerians,
monitor and achieve their real estate development projects back home.

Our Vision:
To become the preferred provider of project management services in the residential & commercial real estate development sectors in Africa.
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