Luvanex has power of attorney to act on your behalf, allowing us to take on negotiations and deliberations in your best interest, ensuring that the project is done just as you would have directed.
We do this while keeping close contact and reporting directly to you each and every step of the way.

Damola Adelakun
{Founding Partner /
Director of Operations}

Damola is the founder of Luvanex Group of Companies with 10+ years experience managing over $50million in Real Estate Assets in both cities Luvanex has a presence in; Atlanta, Georgia and Charlotte, North Carolina. He is a Real Estate Broker, Serial entrepreneur and World Traveler.

Damola is highly skilled in the art of negotiations and holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Southern Poly State University now known as Kennesaw State University.


Tunde Taiwo
{Service Delivery Manager}

Tunde is a graduate of the University of Lagos with a degree in Architecture. As a Lagos resident, with over four years of experience selling properties and homes throughout the country with a proven track record of success.

Able to generate professional connections through networking and prospecting, proven closer, adept at working with property owners and management, and developing successful business relationships with clients.


Lanre Ayanbeku
{Managing Partner /
Director of Real Estate Sales}

Lanre, a family man of three, is a graduate of the University of Lagos with a degree in Engineering. Licensed Realtor with 8+ years of residential and commercial sales experience. He is an Expert in planning and integrating new customer prospecting campaigns increasing agencies acquisition rate by an average of 21% year-to-year.

He is adept in contract drafting, negotiation, market research, client analysis, property management, sales and purchases, advisory and investments; joint venture broker.


Damilare Idris
{Managing Partner /
Director of Acquisitions}

Damilare is an engineer with degrees from the University of Bradford (B.Sc.) and Glasgow Caledonian University in Scotland (MSc) . He is an intuitive and dedicated  real estate agent with over two years experience matching clients with properties to suit their taste and value through intensive communication and transparency.

Damilare is a bachelor that has served as a director of Atlantic Infinity ltd, and Square Consult.

Our Mission:
Leveraging our extensive knowledge, resources
and skills in helping nonresident Nigerians,
monitor and achieve their real estate development projects back home.

Our Vision:
To become the preferred provider of project management services in the residential & commercial real estate development sectors in Africa.
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