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What is Project Monitoring?

At Luvanex Builds, we define project monitoring as engaging a third party to act as your representative in monitoring the progress of your building project, and also facilitate its successful completion.
Do you offer this service for an existing / ongoing project?

Yes, we do. When we come in, we take inventory of past expenditures and commence monitoring from the stage where the project is till its successful completion.
When should I consider contracting Luvanex Builds and appoint them as my project monitors?

When your team lacks the required expertise and depth of resource to deliver a top-notch project, or when you desire to have objective, professional and trustworthy facilitator of your project whose expertise and report you can count on.
Are your services available for persons in other parts of Africa besides Nigeria?

Currently our project monitoring and project management services are only available in Nigeria.
What States are your services available in within Nigeria?

Services are currently available in these 9 states in Nigeria: Lagos, Abuja, Ogun, Osun, Oyo, Ondo, Rivers, Kwara, Edo State.
If you are building in a different part of the country and would like to see our services rolled out in your state kindly send us an email at builds@luvanexgroup.com and we will send you next steps on how to accelerate our market expansion into your desired state.
Do you sell already built houses in Nigeria? 

No we do not. Any newly built houses up for sale may be sent to our email address and we will send it to our list of international investors.
If Luvanex Builds does facilitate the sale, we will be entitled to a onetime fee commission of 5% of the sales value.
Нow does your project monitoring service benefit me?

At Luvanex, we have a team of trained photographers and subtle observers that aim at documenting all progressive and regressive work on your site. Depending on the service you have opted for, you will receive visual images and very often audio recordings that will help paint a picture of the daily activities on your project site. You may then make better informed decisions as it relates to disbursing funds if you have employed a relative or friend to help you oversee.
May Nigerians living in Nigeria use the service?

Absolutely! We have helped citizens who reside in Lagos but building property in Abuja achieve their goals by offering our project monitoring and management services.
Are your services and pricing negotiable?

Our prices are quite firm as we believe they are very reasonably priced. However, discounts may be negotiated on bulk orders and services. Please reach out to the management team to speak about this.
How do I grant your staff access to the work site in my absence?

Depending on the complexity and relationships involved, notarized letters of authority may be required by our management to grant access to our staff. Oftentimes a direct phone call from the owner to the person in charge on site will help solve and bypass this problem. This hurdle is usually faced during the first visit to the site. Once it is established the agent from Luvanex works directly for the owner, it should not be a problem.
How do you ensure checks and balances?

Oftentimes we send a totally unrelated photographer go out to the site and take similar pictures as to what the first photographer took. This helps us ensure what is being done is truly being done and nobody is sending false pictures of buildings to you.
How do we get building funds across to Luvanex?

Depending on what country you reside in, funds may be exchanged from foreign currency to the local nigerian currency using several legitimate and recognized sources. Luvanex has partnered up with a few vendors both locally and internationally that will be able to help with the transfer of funds. If you are changing funds yourself, kindly ensure the legitimacy of the source of all funds being transferred. Luvanex cooperates with law enforcement in the event of an investigation so only legitimately acquired funds may be transferred to us.
Our Mission:
Leveraging our extensive knowledge, resources
and skills in helping nonresident Nigerians,
monitor and achieve their real estate development projects back home.

Our Vision:
To become the preferred provider of project management services in the residential & commercial real estate development sectors in Africa.
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